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William T. Spears [userpic]
App - King - Siren's Pull
by William T. Spears (pushesupglasses)
at May 2nd, 2011 (01:57 am)

Player Information

Name: Lauren
Age: 27
AIM SN: AIM - flansysglasses
email: lkuhnen@me.com
Have you played in an LJ based game before? Yes
Currrently Played Characters: William T. Spears
Conditional: Activity Check Link: Here!

Character Information

Canon Source: Katamari Damacy
Canon Format: video game series (specifically Katamari Damacy, We ♥ Katamari, and Beautiful Katamari)
Character's Name: The King of All Cosmos
Character's Age: Appears to be in his early 30’s. Though, considering he is the king of the universe, and not human, it may be younger or older.
Conditional: If your character is 13 years of age or under, please clarify how they will be played. N/A

What form will your character's NV take? It will be in the form of a golden medallion (able to open like a locket) that he wears around his neck on a golden chain.

Character's Canon Abilities:
-The Royal Rainbow - he can emit a rainbow from his mouth that transports things to wherever he wishes.
-Can emit lasers from his eyes, mostly used to punish Prince and the other cousins when they fail at the tasks he gives them.
-Seems to be able to change in size, as at one point, we see him literally walking across Earth’s surface, his body stretching high into the universe. Then at another point, during the flashbacks of his childhood in We ♥ Katamari, he is seen interacting with other beings on Earth at normal size.
-Can fly, or glide, through the air with seemingly no effort.
-Can destroy celestial bodies, simply by bumping into them.
-Also, is able to create celestial bodies out of completed Katamaris.
-Can roll his own Katamaris.
-Can say ‘Hello’ in multiple Earth languages, as seen during the introductions to each level in the first game, Katamari Damacy.
-Is decent at boxing, as he placed second in a boxing tournament when he was younger.

Conditional: If your character has no superhuman canon abilities, what dormant ability will you give them? N/A
Weapons: If you count a tiny ball, capable of rolling up ANYTHING it touches, a weapon, then yes, he will have a katamari with him.

Character History: Here you go!
Point in Canon: Going to pull him from the XBOX 360 game: Beautiful Katamari.
Conditional: Brief summary of previous RP history: N/A

Character Personality:
As is obvious by his name, The King of All Cosmos is of a royal family. But rather than ruling a country, he has control over the entire universe. Quite a daunting task for one man, you might think, but luckily The King of All Cosmos doesn’t have to tackle the assignment alone. For whatever tasks arrive before him, he’d much rather toss them to his young son, than handle them himself.

In the first game of the series, Katamari Damacy, The King of All Cosmos orders his son, The Prince of All Cosmos, to remake the stars and planets of the universe. Mind you, this is after The King destroyed all the celestial bodies by flying around the night sky completely drunk. Stubbornly enough, The King thought it was a bit funny, but wouldn’t make the effort to remake even a single star.

You see, being a king means he believes he’s above any menial work like that (if you could call remaking planets menial.) He’d rather go off and play tennis, or stuff his face full of freshly baked cookies that The Queen just took from the oven.

And don’t forget he needs to stay on top of current trends. A king can’t be behind in the fashion world! …Though, his idea of fashion includes spandex, bright, flashy colors, and tacky gold jewelry. We could call him flamboyant in this way, eccentric even. His pattern of speech surly backs that up. He makes use of the royal ‘we’, and speaks in fragmented, arbitrary sentences.

Perhaps, this random sort of life style comes from how The King is distracted so easily. The tiniest thing can divert his attention from supervising his young son’s journey over the Earth, as he tries to create the perfect katamari for his father. Yet even though he ignores his son often, The King can’t stand to be ignored himself, and if The Prince begins his rolling before he’s given him the O.K., he’ll become highly insulted, saying something like: “What are We? Candy corn?”

But, even though The King is off being entertained by something shiny during the whole katamari rolling process, he still has very high standards for when The Prince is finished. If the katamari is too small or not finished on time, he’ll scold The Prince, usually taking jabs at his tiny size. In contrast, if the katamari miraculously exceeds his expectations, he is not completely above handing out praises. Even for a mediocre katamari, he’ll attempt encouragement by saying: “You can do better.”

So, although The King can be pretty degrading and uninterested most of the time, he does have faith in The Prince. And yes, he does love him. He just is a bit too manly and full of himself to say it outright.

I would think, that a lot of this contradicting and hypocritical behavior came from his own father when The King was merely a Prince of All Cosmos, himself. Placed into a boxing tournament when he was still tiny, The King could only get a second place trophy. His father found this inadequate, and tossed his trophy into the river. But later, The King found that his father had been proud of him, nonetheless, but was too high and mighty to show it at the time.

The phrase “like father, like son” fits them perfectly. Only the cosmos itself knows how the tiny Prince will treat his own son one day.

Conditional: Personality development in previous game: N/A
Character Plans: Bringing some fabulousness and rainbows to the cold and dreary city.

Appearance/PB: Here!

Writing Samples

First Person Sample

[ King's voice comes through, with what sounds like static, or perhaps record scratching, in the background. He cannot be seen, however, as his NV has taken the form of a golden medallion that hangs about his neck. He seems to be addressing someone, though, giving them instructions. ]

Today you will be rolling
in this posh garden.

[The baseball diamond King is currently standing in is hardly what one would refer to as "posh." Especially considering it's after sirens; gloom and deterioration surrounding him. ]

… … …
What do you mean spooky?

Zombies are all the rage this year.
Being tiny and green, totally last Tuesday!

Get with the program
and stop embarrassing Us.

No Mr. Paparazzi
We are not together.

[ Who is he speaking to? The only thing you can see before him is a round ball, decorated with wild patterns. ]

Collect tons of spooky things.
Vampires, black cats, braaaaaains.

We want to be the talk of the Cosmos.

… … …
Hop to! Chop chop! ☆

[ And suddenly, a bright, colorful rainbow shines into view, taking up the entire NV screen before the video goes black. ]

Third Person Sample

It's midnight. Well after sirens for the bleak and cold month of January. The darkness in this part of Siren's Port emanates death and decay. Darkness Monsters creep about, quarreling with one another over any fragment of life they stumble upon. One howls, ringing a shriek of terror to anyone who may dare leave the protection of their homes.

But, that howl is cut short. Another sound can be heard. Faint, at first, but it seems to grow louder and louder each second. It sounds up-beat, musical. Certainly, far opposite to any re-spawned creature of the night. A Monster lifts it's head towards the sound, suspecting it may be a tasty, living desert aiming to deliver itself, when...


A ball of light zips past, the Monster seemingly glued to it's side! The other creatures that surround it take a defensive stance, growling threateningly at the ball, whose wild, bright, ever changing patterns seem to mock them.

There's a man behind the ball, as well. Or, what seems to be a man. His vibrant clothing is virtually indistinguishable from the ball he's pushing about. He speaks to the crowd of undead, slurring his words slightly.

"Bowling anyone?
We always bowl a perfect game!

Three strikes and you're out!
Oh! Take Us out to the bowling alley ☆"

This is The King of All Cosmos; out after sirens, and drunk, no less. After all, midnight is the best time to go star gazing! All King's hard work (or, you know, his son's work) - the stars, the plants, the Cowbear Constellation - they all glow so brightly! It sort of puts a monarch in the mood to create new ones.

With an effortless jump, King bounds to the opposite side of the ball. A rapid dash, and six more beasts are clinging to the orb, howling and growling, yet unable to free themselves. Ten more, and suddenly the ball doubles in size!

The Darkness Monsters, finally getting the notion that even coming close to this iridescent orb is a hazard, begin to flee. No matter, though. King has stopped in his tracks, inspecting the job he's done with his Katamari.

Of course, he nods his head in great approval. How could he do badly? He is King, you know.

So, with a flick of his hand, making the Katamari seem virtually weightless, King tosses the ball up into the cosmos. It glimmers and shines, turning into a...rather unpleasant and dreary looking planet.

"Oh dear.
Now look what you made Us do."

He's addressing the darkness. No way King could have caused the planet to look that way. He picked out only the most fabulous looking Monsters to roll up.

"This planet clashes with Our Orion's Belt.
Try and do better next time."

And, determining it's fate, King zaps the poor planet to bits using his laser eye vision. Or well, he meant to. Being a bit drunk, he accidentally hit that tiny moon, just a mere light year to the right.

No matter. He'll just have someone tiny replace it for him tomorrow.